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The MQA in question on Qobuz was supplied in 16/44.1 format, so CD quality won’t avoid it.

Right. When I search/use a streaming service, we should be able to choose the format (like we can with properties, such as an artist or album name, or a composer). Tidal and Qobuz are not Spotify, where it’s all lossy all the time.

It is fine if you choose to support MQA for whatever reason, I can still pay my subscription.
But if Roon software ever tries to lock me in MQA then it means that you are working for J. Robert Stuart and good bye.

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@wormcycle, that’s quite a theoretical strawman. You will not see us removing formats we currently support, and I’m not sure where that idea even came from.

As for @crenca’s complaint, he wants customizable prioritization of formats during radio playback. Given that Roon Radio mostly uses the streaming services now, unsure what benefit there is here.

Not quite correct. I would like to see a way for an end user to prioritize/select format when it comes to streaming. Right now with streaming, Roon privelages MQA, even over the “equivalent” (not that it really is equivalent) hi res, forcing the end user to drill down to their preferred format.

Now that streaming offers so many formats (mp3 of various bit rates, AAC of various bit rates, MQA of various marketing “bit rates”, PCM of various bit rates) why not give us a way to focus on the format we wish just like we can with our local libraries?


I think we have a bug related to this when you have TIDAL AND Qobuz enabled at the same time, but in what circumstances are you seeing this behavior?

That’s my use (Qobuz and Tidal same time):

So in this case, Tidal has a MQA offering at “24/96” and Qobuz has the actual 24/96 PCM

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yah, this should not be equiv. mqa should lose. @mike, same issue we know about, right?


Yes, we’re investigating what’s going on here.


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How is this feature request going?
I find I can’t bear to listen to playlists in Tidal where there are different sample rates because of MQA.
I get clicking from my DAC as the sample rate changes.
I’ve previously been agnostic about the whole MQA concept but now I find it an undermining of free choice. Kind of like the Stalin of the audio world.
PLEASE provide a choice to prefer the 44.1 Tidal version rather than the MQA version.


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Mine has manual relays that click on sample rate change but it certainly doesn’t smear content by adjusting the timing of certain frequencies like minimum phase filters do in DACs.


I had done an analysis of playback preferences, which are not currently configurable.

Currently, Locally stored music will always be preferred (regardless of sampling and bit rate) over Tidal and Qobuz.

With Hi-Res, Qobuz is preferred over Tidal (assumed as it is native)

With CD Quality, Tidal is preferred.

This was all done by clicking the play button.

No, it’s the opposite. MQA (and thus Tidal) is privileged over Hi-Res (and thus Qobuz)

That’s very strange, I had the opposite as indicated in the screenshot when the same resolution was available. Though, I would prefer to have a choice of preferred streaming service or '“highest resolution available” to be considered for the next update!

Well just to verify I just searched for that album. It found the same one and when I click “Play Now” the MQA version played. Are you in Europe? Maybe Roon is interacting with Tidal/Qobuz differently depending on region?

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Focus format != filter.