Prime Headphone Amp and DSD

Slightly confused over the settings for DSD with my Prime Headphone Amp.

Roon shows DSD over PCM (DoP) as available using the Prime:

But I get no sound. It’s only using Convert to PCM that I get sound, but then I get sample rate conversions:

Any thoughts?

There is no way to probe a USB device and ask “do you support DoP?”, so we offer DoP as an option for any device that support 176.4/24bit output.

DoP (by design) sounds like a very quiet hiss when played back through a DAC that doesn’t support it–this prevents damage/loud sounds when things are misconfigured.

The Prime does not support DoP, so “Convert to PCM” is the right choice.

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Thank you @brian.

I’d assumed the Prime was a known device, particularly as Roon merrily highlights DSD64 in green but leaves DSD128 and DSD256 in red.