Primephonic Classical Music Downloads

Searched here first under Primephonic. No results so I’ll post this:

This article turned me onto the site:

Primephonic HiRes Classic Downloads

I registered and, using the Discount Code, downloaded the 12 track Primephonic Selected: Spring

Anytime I can obtain free hi-res music, I don’t hesitate. This is a great collection of tracks.

There is other info about the site and its use of spectrograms to ensure true hi-res quality.

Am very interested in reading what other Roon users (my audio tutors) think of the site and music.


I’ve got mixed feelings at the moment.

I bought two Chandos 96/24 album downloads recently (Janáček Orchestral Works Vols 1 & 2) as I’d had an email from Primephonic offering 20% off any album. First problem was their downloader wasn’t working, so I had to download the audio tracks individually - luckily Chandos offer PDFs of all their albums so I was able to get the booklets. I contacted Primephonic who acknowledged that there was a problem with their downloader and offered to send me zip files of the two albums. I decided to take these anyway, but the second problem was that the audio files in the zip files had absolutely no metadata. I contacted Primephonic again who sent the files again, this time with fairly minimal metadata.

To be fair, their support was very responsive and the albums do sound very good. As a test though, I downloaded Vol 3 of the Janáček from The Classical Shop, who seem to be linked to Chandos. The sound was just as good, and the metadata much better.

Primephonic looks promising, but without discount their downloads are more expensive than the sites I usually use, and the metadata so far is even less adequate.

I’d be interested as well to hear other people’s experiences.

I’ve just downloaded the Spring Selection, so thanks to @dbtom2 for the heads up on the offer.

The downloader worked perfectly this time, so obviously a temporary glitch. The files also contain full metadata, though the fussy amongst us will probably want to groom this - e.g. Beethoven appears as a the soloist as well as composer for the excerpt from the 6th symphony.

After adding to library, the tracks appeared as 12 albums with various cover art. I selected the group, touched the pencil icon and grouped them into a single album with the Primephonic cover art. Very tidy.

Not bad selections and an instant 55 minute mellow spring playlist.