Primephonic - Music Streamer for Classical Music

Here is a review for a High Res Classical Streaming Service…

It’s a specialized music service designed by classical music lovers for classical music.

The reviewer (Theo Nicolakis) is also a Roon user.

Primephonic app review: The unrivaled classical music streaming service comes to Android and iOS



I am both a Roon and a Primephonic customer. The beauty of Primephonic is its UI for searching/browsing classical music. Really elegant, IMO.

If there were a Roon integration, I would likely continue to use the Primephonic UI for browsing, adding albums to my Favorites and then use Roon for playback.

I would love to see some of the Primephonic browsing elements incorporated into Roon, if the metadata was rich enough.

Today, I play Primephonic through my Google Pixel 2 and use aptX HD to play on my Node 2i. I am hoping for a more direct integration with something like BluOS or Sonos.