PrimeSeat DSD128 live internet streaming

I’m currently enjoying a concert stream over the net in DSD128 from PrimeSeat.

This involves installing the PrimeSeat app on either Mac or Windows which is clunky and of course it’s inconvenient to have to go to a separate app from Roon.

It’s by far the best internet streaming sound quality I’ve ever experienced though. If the people behind PrimeSeat with work with Roon we’d really have a winner on our hands. Not to mention the possibility of sending the stream through HQPlayer for potentially even better sound.

Please add it to the features/music services requests.


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I just discover Primeseat is streaming in DSD
Really it will be great to get Prime seat as a service in Roon
Is there sny news about this possibility?
It is a pity Roon does not incorporate new services such as this high resolution snd incomparable quality
As well services such as Idagio for classical lovers

Geoff Please would you please inform me how did you get access to Prime seat streaming? I am trying to enter in Priemseat web and no way, Is it restricted to Asian or Usa?
Thanks for help

Hi Francisco,

Well that was a long time ago and I haven’t used the service much since, because my internet connections weren’t fast enough.

Now I’m on fibre I’ll revisit it.

Like I said in my original post, I simply installed the app from the prime seat web site.

One problem, and a reason why the Roon team may have been reluctant to follow up is the limited content and the fact that the content would only be available for a limited time, if I remember correctly. Most of the content was available from their site in Japan; but easily accessed, even if you can’t read the Japanese text.

So you installed the app, then got the content from their site.

They did cooperate with Blue Coast records at that time and there were some nice concerts accessed through the Blue Coast site. If that cooperation is still in place it could be a possible path the Roon guys could follow up on.

Otherwise you do need to be a classical fan, as I think all the Japanese content was classical.

I’m away on vacation right now; but will revisit Primeseat when I’m back on the 31st and report back here.

Any news?I am unable to cinnect prime seat dsd 128