Prioritize results by bit-rate or quality?

Is there a way to sort search results or suggestions with files of higher bitrate/sampling rate over those of lesser quality?

I have 5000+ albums and prefer to listen to my better quality rips when simply ‘looking’ for something to play vs. a pointed search for an artist, etc.

I’m not sure if this answers your question, as it does not really apply to ‘searching’ or ‘sorting’. But it could still be a nice worklow for you:

Have you ever used the “FOCUS” button ? You can use it in the Albums view, or Tracks view.
You can then filter on a lot of features. For instance : only FLAC files, or only hi-res, or only from folder XXX, bitrate higher than YYY, or…
Result : only your quality albums or tracks are visible.

(In your Album or Tracks view, click FOCUS, then FORMAT, and select your desired filter properties. More info :

You can even save your filtered view, so you can easily access it again later, using a BOOKMARK :

Thank you Marco, I will explore Focus, I have but only briefly as today is day 1 of my eval.

Focus combined with filter is really, really powerful. For example, you could use Focus to find:

  • Any album in FLAC
  • Any album with the genre “Jazz”
  • Any album released in the 1974
  • Any album on which a Bob Dylan composition is performed

Once your browser is “Focused”, you can browse the results or use Filter (Press / on desktop platforms, or the Filter icon in the top-right) to filter down to:

  • An artists name
  • An album title (like “Greatest Hits”)

Just some examples :slight_smile: Let us know if you have any more questions @Larry_Post!

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All good suggestions here, but aren’t we missing the obvious (?) setting of Show hidden tracks and albums?

When set to Off, Roon automatically hides the lower rez versions of the same album. (Available on each album page under the button “Other versions”)

Thanks, I had that set already…searches were prioritizing local files vs. ‘higher’ quality from Tidal. My data cap allows me to stream more than enough that I’d rather always default to Tidal as I have far to many wildly varying, moderate to high quality mp3 from several colleagues ‘offsite’ backups :slight_smile:

I’m not worrying about it too much though and simply enjoying exploring the access to music Roon provides. 2 days into proof of value and I can see myself using Roon for many years to come.

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