Prioritizing one Library above another

I am having a “high quality” library sitting on my MELCO and another “lower quality” library on my NAS. Most of the music files are on both libraries and my intention is to add both.

My question is if this is possible:

  • if the Melco is switched on, the files from the Melco are getting a priority “1” and the NAS files are being ignored if in case the file is sitting on both devices
  • if the Melco is switched off, the files from the NAS with the priority “2” are being shown and could be played.

You can include both MELCO and NAS watch folders into your Roon library. Roon will display the higher quality file. Is that what you want?

Yes John but this doesn’t work.

The Melco was off today in the morning and the library was dealing with the NAS library…so far so good.

After having switched on my Melco, ROON indeed selected the Melco files if higher quality.

However in case the quality is equal, I would like to give the MELCO a preference over the NAS for sound quality reasons (here is an example- both versions are 44.1kHZ/16bit but Melco still sounds way better):

This is why I would like to see a prioritization of shares connected to ROON


And you don’t want to just delete the “inferior” files?

Oh no, - the NAS library powers iTunes as well and is always on.

The Melco is being used when I want to listen in best quality. Don’t get me wrong, the grouping is great as I just see one album instead of 2.

I just would like to prioritize the content from the Melco in case the device is switched on.

Is it possible for the moderator to move that thread into the feature requests area?
Thanks a lot.