Pristine Classical - not recognised by Roon

I wonder if there is any plan for your excellent software to recognise recordings from Pristine Classical. I have quite a number of great historical albums in my database but none are ‘recognised’. At the end of the (non) recognition process we are told to return at a later date. For many years I have been doing just that with no success. Is there a problem?

I have many of the same. I suspect the problem is that these are very much a niche product and not picked up by the various metadata suppliers

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The tedious, for you, way is to get an allmusic account and enter them into the database, Roon will then inherit and recognise them.

Roon can’t do anything about this itself. It relies on 3rd party metadata providers. Classical is well known to have pretty poor support for metadata providers in general. I found this just ripping the few classical CDs I have could not find the correct metadata or artwork.

There are other services out there but not sure they allow access via APIs like the current providers do or offer value for money, it’s partly the cost of these services that adds to the cost of Roon as they need licensing. But there definitely is a short coming in the current setup but not sure a change would help much.

I’d recommend MusicBrainz over allmusic.


I’ve never done either one :joy:

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Not sure why, but all of my Pristine purchases are found by Roon, always have been, and I have quite a lot of albums from them.

For example, the recent Karajan, Bayreuth ‘Tristan’ was fine.

Could there be some other issue?

Sounds like @John_A_Birch and @Richard_Graham could do a meta data comparison.

I thought I’d look to see where the meta data was being drawn from, and this suggests Roon is accessing something?

I am mindful that this is a recent release, but then even older Pristine albums are all ‘found’.