Pristine Classical

It seems to me that your database does not include releases from this source. I have about 20 albums from Pristine & all of them are “Unidentified”. Can you fix this?

As an alternative for waiting until the information somehow gets added by Rovi/roon/… you could - if you’ve got the time and some patience - add the albums yourself by entering the data into musicbrainz. After you’ve entered an albums’ data at musicbrainz it usually takes 2…3 days until roon merges it into its own dataset.

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Any movement on this? Its been two years since that users original post! I have a wide range of music interests besides classical music and am a lifetime subscriber of Roon since the 1st week you went live, but this seems like something that could be fixed by simply reaching out to Pristine Classical. I have their entire collection (they release new albums weekly) which now is over 1000 albums and yet you cannot find any of them in Roon. Only 15 show up under Pristine Audio so a bookmark does little good. The album identification process yields nothing when u select and work on an album. Not really interested in trying to hunt down all 1000+ albums to tag them. Similar issues with another classical label, HDTT—though more turn up with a search there so I do use a bookmark, but still missing more than half of my HDTT albums. I know there’s been talk of trying to improve things for classical music but even just getting recognition of historic labels like these two would be a win.