Probably a dumb question

Hi all,
currently looking at a used Oppa 205 mainly as a CD SACD player. Is it possible to use the Oppo as a source and stream music from the Oppo via Roon to another endpoint? Whole idea is to be able to use room correction for a CD player.

You may want to look into the extension entrypoints, not that I’ve any experience with it…

Not a dumb question as I have wondered myself how to implement RC with the OPPO 205 7.1 analog outputs. But this may be a dumb response, and not the answer to your question.

How are you planning to connect the OPPO, - 7.1 analog out or HDMI?

My Denon receiver has the 7.1 analog inputs and I have a 205 connected both ways. With the 7.1 analog outputs the 205 uses its DAC with the receiver bypassing the room correction and feeding the amps directly. With HDMI the OPPO is just a transport with the signals decoded by the receiver and room correction is applied.

I actually prefer the OPPO doing the processing with the analog outputs but it helps that the receiver has the option to add 10 to 15db to recover the bass that somehow gets lost in the process.

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As a an endpoint or SACD player simply analog stereo out directly to a power amp. Probably feed it via Ropieee and USB as well. Was hoping for some gadgetry that can use the RAAT protocol and stream from the Oppo via Roon core to some other endpoint. Probably never going to happen with Oppo audio DOA.