Problem Connecting iOS devices

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I am having trouble connecting my iOS devices ( mini i-Pad 4 and iPhone 7 plus versions 12.1 to the Roon Core (Innuos ZenMini Mk 2). There is no option under General Settings to accept Remote Connections.

The Roon main application is downloaded onto my MacBook Pro (late 2012 OS version Mojave 10.14. It recognises a direct USB connection from the Innuos to my Quad Vena and also direct network to Apple TV 4K and Oppo 205.

Whenever i try to configure Roon OS devices it does not connect. Same applies on the Roon Remote applications on both iOS devices.

Please advise.

Thank you.

A Rao

I am using a mesh network ( Linksys Velop x3 ) , Trend Micro Antivirus software but the OS firewall is disabled.

A Rao

@support is the correct flag to get support (no space)

In order to use remotes on WiFi the WiFi network needs to be in the same network segment. Ie the first 3 address numbers need to be the same …like where xxx can be variable.

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Hi @Dr_Arjun_Rao,

Just to verify, have you followed the instructions from the Innuos Website about installing Roon on your ZenMini?

As wizardofoz mentioned above, your devices will all need to be on the same subnet. You can use an app like Fing from your iOS devices to scan your network and get the IP address of your devices to confirm that they are correct.

Can you describe how your devices are currently connected to your network? Is your ZenMini connected via Ethernet to the main Velop router or one of the satellites? What about the MacBook Pro?