Problem getting ROON server on Ubuntu to mount SAMBA

Hi all, I was wonder if I could get some advice on a problem I know is solvable but I have few Linux skills. Have just installed Ubumtu and got Roon server running fine on my Minix PC but can’t get it to see my SAMBA network share (which is the same one I could see when running Roon on Windows). Looked at many articles, but they all give similar advice without nailing it. BTW I can mount the share on my Ubuntu desktop.

Any ideas?

This might help… CIFS is the “official” name of the protocol formerly known as “SAMBA”


You need SMB/CIFS client for Ubuntu.
Please refer to the tutorial at (please make sure dependencies are installed):

cifs-utils (Roon Server only)

If you intend to use Roon’s network folders feature, the mount.cifs command must be available in your PATH . Generally this comes from a package called cifs-utils .