Problem grouping zones

I have Roon playing to my Auralic Vega G2. It’s great.
Today I decided to resurrect my previously dismantled Sonos system so as to make it a Roon endpoint.
It’s all set up. Roon can see it. However, I cannot group the Vega G2 zone with the Sonos zone. Roon tells me that Vega G2 zone is a different system to the Sonos zone. I don’t get it. The Vega G2 is a Roon Ready device…that’s one of the reasons I bought it.
If I cannot group the zones, then can I have Roon play to each of the two zones simultaneously? I have read the User Guide but cannot see any guidance on how to do this (other than by grouping the zones). Perhaps I’ve missed something.
Any assistance will be gratefully accepted.

Hold the presses!!
Just got Roon playing to two zones. I’d been using the desktop app to do the setup. when I picked up the phone app I saw play buttons beside each zone (not apparent in the desktop app). Press the button and bingo.
Problem is that I want a synchronised payback to the two zones. That does not seem to be available when playing to two separate zones.
I’m back to needing to group the zones.
Any advice on how to achieve this would be welcome.

The Vega G2 is Roon Ready. Roon Ready means that the device utilizes Roon’s communication protocol (RAAT). Sonos utilizes it’s own, different protocol. Endpoints can only be grouped with other devices using the same protocol.

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Hi @Grahame_Miller ---- Thank you for the post and the question(s)!

Moving forward, the information provided in @Rugby’s post above is accurate as Roon is indeed only able to group endpoints using the same streaming protocol as mentioned here in our knowledge base under “group types”.


Thank you for your response.
Just for clarification, I did read the Knowledge Base before posting my question. The final dot-point in the section you referenced is “Sonos”.
I interpreted the section in the Knowledge Base to mean that ALL systems listed against the dot-points could be grouped. I didn’t understand it to mean that each dot-point described a unique zone grouping that cannot be grouped with any of the other dot-point listed unique zones.
I guess I’ll just retire my Sonos system again.