Problem identifying classical downloads

Hi, I regularly buy hi-res classical downloads from HD Tracks. Most releases are not identified automatically but they lie there. In this case, the correct album is the one that does not have a cover (b&w) pattern:

In this case, on the database the album has one disc for each song (!!):

I select the album and then had to merge all discs into one:

This is the first time finding a disc configured with one song per disc, but the id problem is pervasive. In most cases the correct entry is there shown last for some reason, instead of first, based on the title, performers, etc.

I have experienced this too, particularly with TIDAL classicals. Someone or thing is confusing the disc number with the track number.

PS: Did you notice that ‘Disc 2 Track 2’ was out of order? That may be affecting your ID.

Thanks for pointing that out. Yes, I guess it would affect the id of the disc. But this seems to happen with most classical releases. Of course, it all comes to the quality of the DB that Roon accesses. Pop records generally do not have this problem, although Peter Gabriel seems to ne missing or misplaced, because his albums would not id correctly in most cases. And PG is a fairly big number (or was, haha).