Problem of HQplayer cut whatever the DSD 128 or 256 mode


I have a problem with the use of the NOS function of my DAC denafrips PONTUS 2, when I launch some music in FLAC and I oversample in DSD 256, the NOS function of the DAC jumps and the sound cuts and crashes the server

I have an Audio Server on which is installed Roon Server and HQplayer 4.15.4 with a Processor AMD Ryzen 7 5700 G which allows me to oversample without problems in DSD 256

I use
oversampling : - Poly-sinc-gauss-XLA

Modulator : ASDM7ECv2

my goal is to oversample with HQPlayer and to transmit the signal directly to the DAC Pontus II by activating the NOS function which allows to not use the oversampling of the DAC and to have the Optimal quality

I put you the screenshots to see if everything is well set up and that I didn’t make any mistake, the settings are good

Screenshot DSD 256 settings

Screenshot DSD Setting

Screenshot Pontus II to USB with NOS function before launching the album

Screenshot Pontus II to USB after launching the album and NOS option disappeared and DSD Enabled on DAC

Thanks for your answer

Jluc :grinning:

Settings look OK. But I don’t know about those Denafrips related things if it’s OK or not. In other words, how the NOS light should work in response to DSD mode.

Last time I had this kind of problem, issue was problematic USB cable, causing DAC to fall off the USB bus when starting playback at higher rates.

NOS mode is only used on the Pontus when it is fed a PCM signal. You are using DSD, the NOS led will be off. More details can be found in the Pontus manual.

Would you mind to provide the installed version of USB driver and firmware version of the DAC? Some of the issue was related to the driver / firmware.