Problem on remote control using MAC mini as a core and two DACs connected via USB

My configuration is this:

Roon core on MAC mini, two different DACs connected via USB to the MAC core (FIOO 10 and M2TECH YOUNG MKIII), and two SONOS speakers connected via wifi.
Roon on MAC is OK, I can manage all the four devices without problems but I have a problem using a Roon remote on Windows (or Android is the same), in Windows 10/Android I can manage only three devices as Roon remote don’t see one of the two DACs (YOUNG MKIII is missing). What’s wrong?

Is the YOUNG DAC in a private Zone?

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Yes David, this was the problem.
A very simple answer for a trivial question, apologize for the waste of time.

Best Regards

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No worries. That’s why we’re here. :slight_smile:

How do you like the YOUNG? I remember when the first one came out almost a decade ago…around $2k, IIRC. One of the first DACs that could do 384 kHz. I loved that big display!

Thanks David,

I like it a lot, it is a fantastic device. I have a YOUNG MKIII bought this year and my way of listen to music is changed!

I would like to take advantage of your skill: how do favorites work? can I create a progressive selection of songs while listening to the ones I like?

Thank You

Glad to hear that you are loving your YOUNG MKIII. I’ve never heard one first-hand, but I’ve heard nothing but good things about them.

The term “Favorite” is a bit overloaded between Roon and TIDAL, so be aware of that first. Roon’s “+ Add To Library” button is the same as TIDAL’s “:black_heart:” (Favorite) button.

In Roon, the “:black_heart:” (Favorite) button tags tracks, albums, artists, composers, compositions, and live radio stations as your Favorites. When you visit any of these sections under “Library” in Roon, you can click the “:black_heart:” filter button (next to “Focus”) to have Roon only show your favorites. This is handy when you want to revisit your most loved music.

I don’t know this for a fact, but I suspect that Roon may make use of your Favorites to “understand” your preferences and make better recommendations. Certainly your “:+1:” and “:-1:” ratings during Roon Radio and “Tell us why:” surveys when skipping tracks affect Vālence training.

Thanks David,

Roon is an amazing software full of option, now I better understand the differences between the “Add to Library” option and the “Favorite” one that probably Roon use to tailor my experience during Roon Radio listening.

Did you hear rumors about Amanzon Music HD and Roon?

Thank you

Cool. Amazon Music HD on Roon would be amazing…as would Deezer and perhaps one or two other services. My understanding is that Roon’s integration with streaming services is relatively deep, requiring the services to provide API access that Roon can use to discover and identify content. That level of integration does not come cheap (requires development effort on both sides).

Time will tell if there are sufficient financial incentives on both sides of these potential business and technical arrangements to make the integration worthwhile. Until then, we have no shortage of music to play on TIDAL and Qobuz. :slight_smile: