Problem web browsing while using iPeng/Roon on iPad mini 2

I noticed when browsing while streaming music to my iPad mini 2 via iPeng/Roon the music will randomly stop playing. Other websites/forums I visit, including this forum don’t seem to cause a problem.

Anyone else experience this? Any idea what’s going on?


Could you take a look at this?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

this is outside of iPeng (not using iPeng’s browser)?
This probably means that AVSforum contains an autoplaying video or something that plays audio.
This will take over audio playback and stop iPeng’s player.

Yes, outside iPeng’ s browser, using Safari on iPad Mini 2 and iPhone 6s.

I was thinking that, but no audio or video plays from AVSforum when this happens, so I was wondering if something else (bug?) was going on.

I’m curious if any others here can try this and see if they get the same results.

I do like to browse AVSforum (and other sites) while streaming to my iPad/iPhone.

Btw, this never happened when using iPeng with LMS.

You can’t always see whether there is embedded audio or something in the site, might as well be something JavaScript does.
iPeng doesn’t really have any control over what’s happening when it’s in the background, all it gets are system commands on whether to stop or start playback. And in the case of foreground audio not even that, iOS just stops it and then just sends a notification about what happened.

BUT: This should be the same with LMS, I don’t really see how Roon would make a difference.
Are you sure it’s not just some new ad ion AVSforums?

I’ll go back to using iPeng/LMS and see if it still happens. This should show if AVSforum is doing something new (and annoying, lol).

I’ll let you know how it goes. :slight_smile:

I had this happen on some mainstream newspaper page. There was a story with video somewhere on the page.

I tested it with iPeng/LMS and sure enough the same thing happens when browsing AVSforum. They must have changed something since this use to not happen.

Well phooey!! :triumph:

Probably one of their advertisers. Advertisers loooove video ads these days. Nobody else does which is why everybody nowadays uses adblockers.
Problem with AVSforums has always been that they had pretty annoying ads but made you sign that you wouldn’t use an adblocker, got myself banned from their forum for it.

If their policy is less restrictive these days, can you use apps like Tapatalk with them?

I haven’t posted (or even logged in) to AVSforum in quite some time.

I’m not familiar with Taptalk, so I’m not sure if AVS allows it.