Problem with a DSD vinyl RIP, merge and split?

So, I got a hold of a 1º Press DSD Vinyl rip of The Wall by Pink Floyd.
The whole thing is almost perfect to me, but the problem is that when I get to empty spaces, that file doesn’t end when it’s supposed to, it just keeps going gapless and starts playing young lust which is the next song and when the file of young lust actually starts it’s in the middle of the song.
Does anybody know how to fix this?
maybe merge the two files and then split at the precise moment? Even if it is possible to do this, I don’t know how.
Can anybody help a brother?

Not an expert but quick googling shows that there are DSD editors that can edit DSD without converting to PCM, one example:

I don’t know what editors are out there that can do this, but I can do it for you without any conversion. Please PM me if interested.