Problem with Antipodes DX server

About a month ago I sent my Antipodes DX music server to their service center to have Antipodes 2 software installed to enable this device for ROON. While there they installed Roon Server and Roon Ready on the server. When I received it back I followed Antipodes instructions and purchased a roon subscription and installed on my IPad model MD786LL/B version 9.3.5(13G36). I have not installed IOS 10 yet.The issue I have is that I have to de-authorize the device every time I open Roon to get it to work. Here is what I do and what happens at each step
1: I tap on the ROON icon on my Ipad and get a sreen that reads Remote Connection.
2: The antipodes Icon appears on the screen and I tap use as remote and it will not get me into roon until I tap unauthorize

You should not be using the Antipodes as ‘Remote’, After logging in to Roon on the iPad, below the Antipodes icon you should see a blue button that says ‘Connect’. Press that and you will enter Roon.

Hi Tony

That is exactly the problem. The Antipodes Icon is displayed and when I tap connect it does not enter Roon. Instead it opens another screen titled “Authorizations” The text reads Your Roon membership allows you to authorize only one device manage my library. It reads that I have already authorized 1 device so if I want to use the tablet to manage the library unauthorize the device below or buy an additional membership to allow for more authorizations. Then it gives three choices 1 Get more Authorizations, 2 OOPs I meant to run as a remote control 3 Contact support. I’m afraid to select #1 because it may bill me again for another membership and when I select run a s a remote control I go back to the page that displays the Antipodes Icon and when I tap connect I go into the same loop.

The only way to get into Roon is to tap the unauthorize icon next to Your Devise Antipodes