Problem with forum website

Somehow the forum website has become a weird format on my phone. His can I
change it back to where it lists the topics the entire width of the screen? Thank you

Also it used to be that when you clicked on the three bars at the top you got choices like “latest”, “new” etc. No more. Now it gives community etc.

See second pic.

How long since you have used the Roon forum with this phone?
I ask because I believe these changes occured when Roon updated to the latest Discourse software a short while back.
There is no going back I’m afraid.

Discourse updated the app and managed to screw up interface. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

The problem is not with Roon, it’s the Discourse software.

I hate the app now but my iOS is too old to access the forum through the web browser. Oh well. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

This started happening about maybe three weeks ago?

My phone is older than that.

BTW the PS audio forums also use discourse and that seems to be ok

A LOT of forums use Discourse but Roon got a serious makeover to the latest and greatest which a few others ( like Antipodes for example) have not…yet.

If this is an example of latest and greatest… where it’s close to unusable on iOS the second most used platform, I fear for them and wherever else they’re inflicted upon.

(It took me multiple tries and rotating the screen to be able to get to the Reply button because it’s not smart enough to know that there’sa keyboard above it.)

Maybe really platform dependant, and iOS being second best this time?

But for me it really doesn’t feel as unintuitive and unusable on Android, as compared to iOS as you describe.
Just needed a little getting used to how and where, not the end of the world…

Actually, you can manage some preferences when tapping your avatar and then the torso.

I don’t have this for the main page, Android

Looks like you have the desktop layout enabled, I think there is an option somewhere in the settings.

The menu contents are a change in the Discourse forum software like others have said. I don’t like it either

Delete the Discourse app, and reinstall. This worked for me just after the new version was released.

Hmm… Yes indeed. It was first time I logged here by my mobile :smiley:
Its not so crucial webpage for me to browse it on my smartphone :slight_smile: Both on desktop and my ipad it works just OK

In another thread about strange display after the Discourse update on an iPad it helped to delete the cookies

I see this too on Android phone and on iPad mini4.
iPhone might be worse, don’t know.
I could not find a setting along the lines of desktop mode enable but there likely is one.
Not a Discourse expert as I don’t browse any other forums…lol.
I try to have a bit of a life and limit online forums to Roon.
Maybe @Rugby might know as he uses the main Discourse channel as well?

I’m not using the discourse app. Just safari on iOS.

Anyway, deleting the cache seemed to work.

You’re barking up the wrong tree. You should be barking to discourse not Roon. I feel your pain though. I have to use the Discourse app with iOS and it sucks compared to the full web interface. Even the iPad version of discourse is crap.