Problem with Pinnock Albums

Two things-

  1. The same difficulty reported before in box sets. Roon identifies the correct set, lists the correct album number in the tracks, but matches album 5 to tracks in album 2. Roon seems obsessed that such albums must be album 2 despite other evidence. Using the down arrows to match up is a big PIA for items like Handel’s Concerto Grosso sets where each album can have around 20 tracks. Maybe not a huge issue in that the correct set has been identified but unless there is matching the display of tracks can be messy.
  2. First time I’ve stuck this one. In the two album set of Purcell Choral work Roon finds album 1 OK but cannot identify album 2!!! Here are the screen shots showing this( Album 1 first shows the correct album second down but the same album is not detected in album 2 and “None of these looks right” does not find it either):

Even so, tracks 4-7 in album 1 do not display correctly so Mp3Tag will be needed.