Problem with Roon App on Windows 10

I am now using ROCK software on an Intel NUC connected by USB to my DAC.

I previously used the Roon Essentials App on Windows 10 and it allowed me to select music to play on my stereo, but when I changed to Roon and installed the Roon App, I can select music to play on my stereo (showing my DAC as the zone), but it only plays on the computer.

Btw, the Roon app on my iPad and my Android phone play music on my stereo, but not the Windows app. Any suggestions?

Lower right corner of the screen, choose the proper zone you want to play to.

Thank you Jim_F for your prompt response. At first I was confused by your response, because the same zone (Denafrips Ares DAC) was selected on the Windows app and other apps. I decided to go into settings and found two selections with the same name (Denafrips Ares DAC). One said Windows, though, which was selected in the Windows app, and the other didn’t. I disabled the Windows selection and selected the other one, and it now works as it should on Windows.

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