Problem with scrolling albums,etc, on Tablet



Am really enjoying the Roon platform overall. Good job!

There a few niggles which I am sure will be ironed out along the way :slight_smile:

In particular, I am finding the elastic nature of the pagination of albums troubling on my SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB A 10inch Tablet, it’s got 2gb ram i think and Octacore processor.

The physical aspect of scrolling using a digit on the tablet is really quite unpleasant and unintuitive. One has to swipe from one length of the device to the other to be sure of a (mostly) successful activation of the page change. Otherwise, with a short swipe, it’s a lottery as to whether the action will be effective, I usually have to attempt between 1 and 5 swipes to get it to work.

It’s frustrating at best. It’s all but stopping me from using the device as remote.

Is pagination necessary at all - smooth scrolling is far nicer, and this is effective on the phone version i see?

If so, possible to engineer a much less elastic system and/or make it more sensitive to small gestures?

Even some vitual buttons for left right pagination would be a great help!

I know there’s the option to use the scroll bar at the bottom for speedy access, but it’s hardly precise and with many 1000’s of albums in a collection , it’s impossible to use with any accuracy at all.

Note, I have taken a short video to show the problem, which should be accessible here:

(and note even some full screen swipes are not activating the pagination in the video)

if there are issues to view, let me know

Thanks in advance for any reply.


I thought I was the only one having this issue on my Dell 8" tablet!

Agreed, swiping left and right rarely works for me the first time. I have to be very deliberate and make sure I start my swipe from at least 3/4 of the screen on the side I want to go to and swipe all the way to the opposite edge.

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Likewise, I guess our tolerance level to pain is too low, lol

It just puts use of the tablet for roon on my lifes too short list.

Fortunately, it’s a great experience on the PC using the mouse, so my Vaio’s been put back into action these days, despite suffering a cracked screen :frowning: