Problem with Synology 923

I am using a Synology new 923 NAS as Roon Core. after running the core on my NAS, the iPad / iPhone Roon remote is super slowly, always stop playing, then I need to restart the NAS. it will ok for a while. then problem appears again. after I move the core back to the Mac mini,it’s fine. My 923 NAS has 32GB Ram, 2 ssd (500g x 2) as cache. I think it should power enough.

I couldn’t find a benchmark for this NAS, but I believe it uses a Ryzen R1600 CPU, which has 2 cores and a total of 4 threads. Clock frequency is 2.6 GHz.

Based on this limited information, I think performance is marginal for running a dedicated Roon core, and depending if you’re running other services on the NAS this may be a problem.

However, there may be other things at play, e.g., background audio analysis, network issues etc. Therefore, please provide additional details.

I use a 920+ as my core and that works fine. I don’t experience this as being slow. I do have my database on an external SSD connected through USB. Maybe that’s the difference? Do you have it on your spinning discs?

1517+ with an Intel Atom CPU. So way less power than yours. Runs like a breeze.

Do you run in RoonOnNAS?
How is the memory consumption when Roon begins to run slowly?

I am running on a 1522+ (same CPU, I believe, but I have stock 8GB of RAM) and it’s plenty fast (although I do not do much or any signal processing).

Could it be that your DS is doing something else at the same time? I’ve seen that running the anti-virus scan on it can spike the CPU pretty high.

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Did you solve the issue? I’m in the market for 923+ as a core.

yes ,I am running Roon on NAS, the version is 20220216, 2.0. its on my spinning discs.
I found every time I played a certain music file, the Roon will stop response. after that, whatever I choose another local music file or try to play a tidal music, it will not working until I restart my Roon Core on my NAS.

I did’t solve the issue, but I don’t think it’s my 923 issue. cause the problem appears when I play the same file.

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As others have stated, this NAS is more than powerful enough to run Roon core. I’m running a model that is 5 years older and it’s fast and smooth as butter. Try posting in the Support forum and use the template to share your full configuration. Also I recommend putting your Roon database on an eSATA connected SSD, which can be done for about $60, including drive, cable, and external case.

This could be the issue. Roon needs to be installed on an SSD.

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Here is the setup I use. Current price is about $60 total. Works like a dream:

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can I install Roon core on a ssd and keep my music on spinning disc?

Yes, Roon and your library can use separate storage locations.

To be clear, Synology DSM will install the core software on your spinning discs with all your other installed packages and DSM itself; it runs in RAM; Roon’s database is stored/accessed from the SSD; your music would be on your spinning discs.

Of course, you can go all SSD on your Synology if you’d prefer. Just $$$ and probably not necessary or worth it.

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Just to support what @DDPS says: Roon just needs to be installed as a package. It’s best if the Roon database location (which is not the same as the music location) is on an SSD, but that’s not strictly necessary – I’ve run the database on the NAS disk storage in the past and it worked OK.

I concur. The speed difference between spinning disks and SSD seems negligible. Anecdotally, maybe 10 percent faster. Of course my NASs run SHR2 (which is similar to RAID 6), which has its own performance advantages, which might explain the negligible part…

Also, depending on the size of the collection, and what else the NAS is used for, adding enough cache to Synology might be more beneficial than going for an entire separate disk for Roon’s DB.

for me Roon runs very well on a 918+… installed like you with RoonOnNas. Important is according to the instructions that an SSD is connected via USB, on which the Roon database is. This is exactly described in the installation instructions on RoonOnNas.

Alternatively, you could also install an SSD in a free drive bay or use the SSD bay - where you install the cache if necessary - as a drive (but only works with Synology SSD which are completely overpriced).

I have a small ext. USB SSD on it… all fine.


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Or eSATA, which is just a teeny bit faster.

Have the similar problem. Roon is not working „smooth” - I use ds720+, 10gb ram, roon core on ssd via usb
Did you solve your problem?
Or anyone have solution to this situation?