Problem with Synology 923

I am using a Synology new 923 NAS as Roon Core. after running the core on my NAS, the iPad / iPhone Roon remote is super slowly, always stop playing, then I need to restart the NAS. it will ok for a while. then problem appears again. after I move the core back to the Mac mini,it’s fine. My 923 NAS has 32GB Ram, 2 ssd (500g x 2) as cache. I think it should power enough.

I couldn’t find a benchmark for this NAS, but I believe it uses a Ryzen R1600 CPU, which has 2 cores and a total of 4 threads. Clock frequency is 2.6 GHz.

Based on this limited information, I think performance is marginal for running a dedicated Roon core, and depending if you’re running other services on the NAS this may be a problem.

However, there may be other things at play, e.g., background audio analysis, network issues etc. Therefore, please provide additional details.

I use a 920+ as my core and that works fine. I don’t experience this as being slow. I do have my database on an external SSD connected through USB. Maybe that’s the difference? Do you have it on your spinning discs?

1517+ with an Intel Atom CPU. So way less power than yours. Runs like a breeze.

Do you run in RoonOnNAS?
How is the memory consumption when Roon begins to run slowly?

I am running on a 1522+ (same CPU, I believe, but I have stock 8GB of RAM) and it’s plenty fast (although I do not do much or any signal processing).

Could it be that your DS is doing something else at the same time? I’ve seen that running the anti-virus scan on it can spike the CPU pretty high.

Did you solve the issue? I’m in the market for 923+ as a core.