Problem with working two streamers with cloned image [Resolved]

I have problem with working a two streamer in one network space.
Both streamer have same linux image (Armbian kernel 3.4.113) and hardware (Banana Pi Pro).
One streamer work fine, but if I boot second streamer then both stop working.
Maybe Roon have file with streamer ID?
Please help me solve htis problem.

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I’ve not used Armbian before, but the symptoms suggest your problem could be related to hostname and/ or IP address. When installing each device did you set a unique hostname or IP address?

Both devices have different IP addresses and HOSTNAME.

Did you install Roon and then clone the image to load onto the second device?
In which case this could well be the issue, as there is a Roon ID file.

However, I can’t recall where it is located, and I’m not in position to track it down right now…removing the file and restarting Roon should generate a new unique Roon ID.

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Problem solved, really need delete this files:


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