Problems accessing internal storage with two ROCK NUCs on network


I have recently added a second ROCK NUC to my network to separate the core from the endpoint. This gives a huge improvement in sound quality, but causes a problem accessing the SSD internal storage in the core NUC.

My laptop now looks for the SSD storage on the wrong (endpoint) NUC. I can’t see any way round this as the problem appears to be that both NUCs are called ROCK and it is not possible to distinguish between them.

Unless I’m missing something, there does not appear to be possible to rename the NUCs to say ROCK1 and ROCK2. Does anybody have a workaround for this please? Thank you.

no I don’t think there is a way to change the hostname from ROCK. The issue has been raised before with no resolution since. You can however browse by IP address as these will be different. Suggest that if they are both on DHCP (IP addresses will change regularly) that you give the core ROCK a fixed IP address (reserve it in your router config ideally).


Just use the IP address instead of the hostname, you can’t change the hostname it’s hard coded.


Many thanks. I’ll try your suggestions.

You can change the host name:
Core Name
That differentiates different ROCK devices.