Problems connecting to Roon Core with iPad Pro

I’m having problems connecting to my Roon Core on my Apple iPad Pro 256GB running iOS 11.2.6. It’s always been a bit flakey, but recently I’ve been getting ‘Lost Connection! Trying to reconnect…’ a lot. Now it’s rarely connecting. Yet I’m not having any problems with my Internet Wi-Fi connection on the iPad.

I’ve tried powering the iPad off and on, but that makes no difference.

My Samsung Galaxy Note 8 connects easily via Wi-Fi to the Roon Core every time. My Wi-Fi and wired connected Windows 10 based laptop and desktop PCs have no problems connecting to the Roon Core.

My Roon Core is an Intel i7 NUC running Roon Optimised Core Kit with OS version 1.0 (build 156) stable and Roon Server Software version 1.4 (build 306) stable.

Any ideas as to why the IPad is having trouble?

Have you deleted the app, then redownload it. I do this after every update.

Whilst deleting and reinstalling the app after every update won’t hurt it is not necessary in my experience, do you have antivirus and or Windows firewall running, certain Windows updates can reset firewall settings, I also recall the network being set to public rather than private can cause issues. I may have the private public the wrong way around?

There is antivirus and Windows firewall running on the Windows 10 based PCs, but not on the ROCK, the iPad, or the NAS. So I don’t understand how that could be the problem.

After every update of what?

Whenever Roon has a Software update. My core and other PCs update to the newest version with no problem but my iPad Pro doesn’t seem to update without deleting the app and downloading it again. Others have had the same problem that’s how I know about it. I could press update on the ipad over and over but the new version just won’t update to the latest version. It might not be what you’re looking for but it wouldn’t hurt to try it. It takes about 30 seconds for the whole process.

Thanks Shawn, that seems to have done it .