Problems ripping a Mosaic box

I’ve been using iTunes to rip CDs on my hard disk. There’s been no problem whatsoever in years of doing so.

However, the Mosaic box of Stan Kenton: the Holman and Russo charts is giving me problems. I had Roon on radio mode, and it played All About Ronnie from that box, and there was a constant ticking sound on that track. I tried other tracks from this box and most of them had this ticking sound that got louder as the music got louder. I listened to other Mosaic boxes or CDs that I had ripped that day, same session, and they were all clean.

I then listened to the track via iTunes, and there was the same ticking sound.

Ripped the box set again, same result. When I listen to the CDs themselves, there is no such ticking sound - I thought there might have been an issue with the actual CD.

Presumably, the Apple drive that I am using to rip my CDs into iTunes/Roon has a problem with this box set. Any ideas on how to proceed?


You have a bad rip. This happens quite easily with iTunes.

Try XLD. It’s a whole different level.

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+1 for XLD. The main problem with using iTunes to rip is that when it encounters errors in a track, it just fails silently, so you can end up with audible errors in your rips with no notification from iTunes. Among many other features that iTunes lacks, XLD generates a log for each disc ripped that states clearly whether any errors were encountered.

(IME, with CD’s that are in reasonable condition, ripping errors and/or many retries are symptomatic of a failing CD drive.)

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Thank you both. I did download XLD and there is no difference - still clicks. It took ages to rip the CD though. I couldn’t find the log file, although the Save Log File is set to Always.

Where do I find that?

It displays it after the rip and saves it in the same folder as the audio files.

In this case it’s important to look at it.

Hmm… trying again. Perhaps it was the default settings.

Takes a hell of a long time to rip, as in hours …

Did you find the log from last time? We need to see it. Please upload it here. Otherwise there’s not much anyone can say.

No log file. I ran it on the same CD another time, making sure the Save Log file is set to Always, but still nothing. Not on screen and not in the folder where the songs are saved. Not sure if my copy of XLD has an issue? The check for update gives me an error too, every time.