Problems with editing album

I’m having trouble editing various albums. I’m going to pick one to illustrate the problem, and then I could apply the answer to my other problem albums. Let’s take the various versions of the Allman Brother’s “At Fillmore East.” There are four albums that contain songs that the Allman Brothers recorded at the Fillmore East: “At Fillmore East,” “Eat a Peach,” “The Fillmore Concerts” and “The 1971 Fillmore East Recordings.” “At Fillmore East” was a 2LP/1CD release. “Eat a Peach” has tracks recorded at the Fillmore together with studio tracks and has a 2 disk edition that contains the Allmans performance that closed the Fillmore East. “The Fillmore Concerts” combines the tracks from At Fillmore East and Eat a Peach into one album. “The 1971 Fillmore East Recordings” contain all the songs from “The Fillmore Concerts” and more and has a fourth disk that has the same tracks as the second disk of the 2-disk edition of “Eat a Peach.”

When I imported these into Roon, they got identified strangely. FYI, all albums were correctly tagged before importing. First, “At Fillmore East” was identified as “The Fillmore Concerts” even though there is a totally different track listing. But when you go to identify the disk, you get 16 choices all of which say that they are “At Fillmore East.” After picking the correct version of the album and saving, the album is still called “The Fillmore Concerts” and contains a review of “Concerts” even though the system clearly knows that it is really “At Fillmore East.” The actual “Fillmore Concerts” album fared a bit better. It did get correctly identified with the actual “Fillmore Concerts” album, but the cover art is from “At Fillmore East” not “The Fillmore Concerts.” The system also incorrectly identified disk 2 of “Eat a Peach” as disk 4 of “The 1971 Fillmore East Recordings.” Of course, it is possible to revert to using the original metadata, but then one loses the reviews, etc. that exist in your system, even though there is mis-identification.

Of course, all of this would be alleviated if one could actually manually edit the metadata. Is that not possible?

I’m sure many people will desire basic metadata editing from within Roon, but, to me, having spent countless hours grooming my metadata over the years, the solution is for Roon to use my metadata, yet still allow some ID process that “connects” accurately to the reviews & other “fun stuff”.

Roon shouldn’t aspire to be a world-class metadata editor – that’s what MP3 Tag and Tag & Rename are for. I’d like to see Roon prioritize the accurate coupling of existing customized meta with Roon’s fun discovery-related features, before working on an internal editing method. Just my $0.02…

Exactly! In my example, I need them to let me get the correct “Roon extras” for “At Fillmore East” and change the cover art for “The Fillmore Concerts.” It’s really galling to have to choose between ones own metadata and all the extras that Roon offers.

Don’t fret guys! We’re working on all of the features (and more) that you mentioned in this thread. We understand the demand for a full suite of metadata features, better identification and general metadata improvements, ways to prefer your local metadata, etc. The editing experience is going to improve drastically over the coming weeks, hang tight.

Hi @rbienstock, @trtlrock – as @kevin mentioned, we have a number of features in the pipeline to enable more editing and mixing of the metadata our users have groomed over the years, and the metadata that enables the magic of Roon .

I’ve had the benefit of many hours of discussion with @brian about this topic, but in case you missed it, I strongly recommend reading @brian’s post about this topic here. I would also ask for your patience as we roll out features and iterate on finding the right balance with regards to this subject.

Thanks guys!