Problems with Play Queue in Android

I just started my Roon subscription after the trial period and overall I am very happy with it.
The one thing is driving me crazy is the Play Queue in android:
It seems there are 3 types of actions:

  1. Normal tap. Takes you to the album
  2. Short tap. opens a short menu to remove the song from the queue or start playing the queue at that point
  3. Tap and held. selects the song, allows you to select other songs.

It is very difficult to achieve the short tap.
To add insult to injury, if the app thought you wanted a tap, it takes you to the album, using the back action takes you not to other place not to the queue. and so you have to do like 4 other clicks to try it again.

Is it possible to remove this short/normal tap and amke that a tap in the queue opens the play-from-here/remove-song… or better yet just start playing the queue at that point?