Problems with "Turandot" (Puccini, Deutsche Grammophon, Herbert von Karajan)


I ripped the above mentioned opera to my Nucleus. There are some mistakes in the metadata but I could correct that manually. What I couldn’t change is the names of the tracks. At the moment they’re all set to [Untitled] and I can’t change that. I can rename the tracks manually and save that, but my changes are not displayed in the overview. Am I missing something??

Thanks for your help!

There’s definitely a problem with the metadata that Roon uses on this album:

@dylan - can this be reported to your metadata suppliers? Thanks.

It’s a Rovi problem:

MusicBrainz has the correct track names:

Thanks for the report, @MatDe! I’ve passed a ticket along to our team to resolve this issue (and issues like it). You have our apologies for the trouble here!


This is still unsolved.

…just like a truck load of other tag fixing request…

Hi, any news on this? I came across the same problem in my library… Thanks!

Yes and no. I managed to rip the Cds with XLD which provides the correct metadata and moved the files to the internal storage of my Nucleus.
That solved the problem for me. The only downside is that for whatever reason Roon shows me that this album is 55 times in my library (because of the 55 tracks???).

hm, well, thanks for your workaround. It is interesting, though, that even when I tell roon to prefer local data (which is correctly named), it won’t work, but it could also be me, being rather new to Roon … We will see :slight_smile: