Problems with Ultrarendu and Burson 3X GT

Hi everyone, I hope someone can help as things are getting a bit frustrating here…

A couple of months ago I decided to upgrade my computer audio system. Ended up with my laptop running Roon Core, an Ultrarendu as a bridge on the same network, and a Chord Hugo (original) as my DAC / Headphone amp. Worked pretty well tbh but still had the bug to try new stuff.

So I ended up buying a Burson Conductor 3X GT, a unit that I think sounds awesome. I’ve also swapped out my aging laptop for a Mac Air M2 (which is just a massive improvement all around).

However, I’m now really struggling to get it all working together. The Burson works if fed directly from the Macbook (shows up on Roon. The Ultrarendu is visible on the network (sonicorbiter webpage), the UR ‘sees’ the Burson when I check thee DAC diagnostics, Ive re installed Roon, restarted Roon Ready on Sonicorbiter, rebooted and even powered down the UR, all to no effect
The UR works, if I plug the Hugo back in (in place of the Burson) then it’s all good.
The UR won’t show up on Roon if not plugged into either DAC or if plugged into the Burson.
Running 'Roon Ready Diagnostic" on Sonicorbiter results in an ‘Error 500 Service unavailable’ message on my browser. When plugged into the Burson. It works OK when plugged into the Chord…
I’ll try to attach some screenshots

How to attach screenshots??

Those first two are the details of what the Ultrarendu sees when attached to the Burson

Second two are with the Chord Hugo attached

Roon with GT attached directly to Macbook

Roon with UR and Hugo pair attached

Roon with UR and Burson pair attached

Result of ‘Roon ready diagnostics’ with Burson attached to UR (Sonicorbiter software)

Same, with Hugo in the system

So theoretically all items are working, just that somewhere, somehow the connection between the UR and the Burson is not quite right???

I think you need to post these details on the Sonore support site here

I have Burson 3X/GT and cannot get it to work with Roon either. I have emailed Burson but they never respond. Their dealer started blaming my opticalRendu that has worked on dozen of DACs.

I finally got it all to work together. It was to do with the UltraRendu ‘software’ settings. I can’t be more specific unfortunately as the internet is currently down (working off of my phone to write this) but I can say that it took me a long time to finally find the correct setting. Neither Burson or Sonore were particularly helpful although they did both answer my emails.
Again, sorry to be so unspecific but just keep digging in the online software and you should eventually come to a section that allows you to choose the 3XGT from a drop-down menu. It’s worth the effort and frustration, the 3XGT is a great sounding device

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