Processing speed explanation need

Hi everyone,
i’m new in the world of Roon, and i have a question.

Is it that when a track is 16 bit 44.1 kHz, the processor don’t need not so much power?

is the processing speed not to high?
and when a a song is played 24 bit 96 kHz he needs more power, so the processing speed is lower?

is the processing speed not to high? the core runs on a Mac Pro

The processing speed is connected to capacity of the CPU; how many times can current workload be handled. Low number means high load; and high number means little load. I know, this can be confusing. % would be more intuitive (0-100%). No processing speed means that no CPU is used for the playback of the audio (in term of DSP). Of course, there will be a CPU load for pushing the bitstream out, but this is minimal.

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That’s not exactly right.
Roon does not display processing speed beyond 100x the capacity to process the current duties.

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Also see the paragraph Pay attention to CPU Usage on

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It’s says nothing about processing speed, just about clipping.

sorry, i pay no attention, found it.

How many percent of the CPU is working with 90.4x?

100/90.4 or just over 1.1% of one core.

In other words, no problem.


It looks like you have a lot of headroom left yet.

I still manage to upsample to dsd512 which brings my processing speed down to 1.3x and it still runs perfectly with zero glitches or dropout.

That’s probably about as low as you would ever want to be though so I know I’m already pushing my limit…lol.

Of late I backed it down to just Upsampling of 24/192 which gives me 18x speed so a nice headroom available.

You are in great shape right now.

Enjoy and welcome to Roonworld!

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Looks fine but I would turn off any EQ on the Blusound as you really don’t need it .and do it all in Roon as it’s adding extra external processing outside of Roon. Doesn’t affect Roon but it means it’s going through another DSP chain and may affect sq more.


Good tip, this improved the quality of the sound. Very happy with your suggestion. More suggestions?