Processing TV sound through Roon

I currently take an optical audio feed from my television into my NAIM streamer to play Music videos through my hi-fi. I use Roon for its DSP.

Is there a way I can get Roon to apply DSP to this sound source, using either my existing Mac or a dedicated Nucleus?

May be possible by using entry points extension, unless lip synch gets problematic.

Thanks. With the help of Wikipedia I think that means doing a bit of programming. At present I am using TV sound so sync is perfect so it would seem regressive if I had to start using a different radio feed, if thats whats suggested. There are lots of outputs on the roon box: could there not be some input sockets as well?

I get the feeling that roon is a bit of a hobbyists experiment still in early development rather than a consumer product although it charges on the basis of it being the latter.

I think, you can’t get lip synch with entrypoint. The latency is 5 seconds

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