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Tenth day since moved to Roon coming from JRiver due to all of this metadata/user experience Roon does.
Noticed something fun, Roon metadata is not that impressive when coming to Prog-rock and Prog related genres, you can tell when you go to genres and there is no Prog or Progressive rock/metal section, is this something Roon can improve/adopt in the future for Prog heads? I know there are few of us there.

so there is a “Prog Rock” section, for me it shows only 4 artists, I can tell I have several extra hundreds!


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In my case it’s named Prog-Rock with a dash. I’ve some sub genres there. And there’s also an Art Rock genre. But I can’t remember if the genres come from my embedded Genres (mapping). I also have progressive metal, but I don’t know what’s the main genre. It’s not under Prog-Rock.

yup, I do have progressive metal and progressive rock but those come from my old not very dynamic or accurate tags.

If I recall correctly it’s a sub-genre of Pop/Rock

What you have to know is Roon accepts whatever genre metadata is out there on the interwebs. I think most comes from Allmusic and/or Musicbrainz. Since this data is essentially crowd sourced, it is usually a mess. I think most Roon users spend a fair amount of time editing genre tags to suit their own scheme. I use a simple genre scheme and have deleted most of the ones provided by Roon since they mostly just confuse me. Other people like a more detailed genre breakdown. In any case, you can edit the genre hierarchy in Roon by going to Settings>Library>Edit Genre Mappings.

Hi Marcos,

So apparently you have Roon Settings set to use your own Genre tags. Do you have it set to use Genres from Roon’s metadata database as well?

Check Roon Settings > Library > Import Settings > Genre Settings.

Cheers, Greg

Thanks everyone.
You are right Greg, for some reason I had that setting enabled, looks better now, as ‘evand’ mentioned prog now is shown as a sub-genre of Pop/Rock along with others, do you know if there is a way or setting to display it as may genre in the genre view?

Hi Marcos,

Do you have both Genres from Roon’s metadata database and extracted from your own tags selected like in my screenshot?

If so, the you may want to go into Settings > Library > Genre Mapping. There you would want to map genres in your tags that are named differently than Roon.

For example: map Prog Rock (your tag) to Prog-Rock (this is Roon’s). Also your Progressive Rock mapped to Prog-Rock.

Also, there is a Progressive Metal subgenre in Roon.

You can use Focus in the Album Browser to display all Prog-Rock albums.

Cheers, Greg

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good enough, been trying this and it is about expected.
Thanks @Greg

How do we add official subgenres so that they appear on the Roon interface? Prog has many such tags, some more important than others (eg. Canterbury Scene, Crossover Prog, Eclectic Prog, Heavy Prog, Indo-Prog/Raga Rock, Jazz Rock/Fusion, Krautrock, Neo-Prog, Post Rock, Prog Folk, Progressive Electronic, Progressive Metal, Psychedelic/Space Rock, RIO/Avant-Prog, Symphonic Prog, Tech/Extreme Prog, Zeuhl, Prog Related, Proto-Prog, Avant-Prog) and would be nice to see them integrated within Roon.

Hmmm now that you mention that it will be really great to have that “prog archives” like DB linked to Roon!!

Marcos_Arroyo - You can always select not to use the genres from Roon’s metadata database and only use genres extracted from your file tags. If they conform with “Prog Archives” Prog-Rock subcategories you’ll be set. I’m considering doing this for my collection.
I think you’ll really enjoy Roon!

The problem there is that the Roon won’t know the genres are related and so you won’t get context displays, eg if you look at Prog-Rock you won’t see all the associated genres on the same page…

There needs to be some way to describe the hierarchy to Roon so that it “understands” Prog, eg

____Symphonic Prog
____Eclectic Prog


If you want to use your own genres, how should Roon now that? You have to tell it.

Go to the Symphonic Prog genre, hit edit and set the parent genre to Prog-Rock or something like that. Can’t look it up right now for you as I don’t use own genres but I’m sure you can figure it out.

If it’s a top level genre, you cannot set a parent. It’ll only be a child if it’s an official Roon genre…?

[Edit]No, you ARE correct. You can set the genre parent using the EDIT function. Fantastic![/Edit]

that’s nice, it will be great the Roon metadata is improved so it has more specific Prog-Rock Roon metadata instead of having to do all of these tricks.
it may not be suck a great deal for Roon to implement that as provably the metadata is out there, is that something we may expect @Greg ?

That would be a question for Roon staff (I’m a moderator).

Although staff may not respond to specific Feature Requests, they do read and consider them.

Cheers, Greg

@Greg @Danny guys do you thing this can be considered to be improved in the near future, would really be great for all prog heads out there, having only “Avant-Prog” is not good enough, and doing all of the work the guys describe in earlier posts is just too much, metadata and linking is one of the main reasons some of us chose Roon.
If none of you is the right guy to see this feature request can the staff check at it and see if this is even doable?