Progress bar not moving along

Have to ask this, my setup is
ROON Core + HQ Player Desktop ARM version on MAC MINI M1 8GB > ALLO USBridge > Gustard X16 DAC…All devices on cables

All is fine, system sounds absolutely Amazing, but…
When playing a track from TIDAL…as mentioned… progress bar doesn’t move…any suggestions why that is? My own labrary doesn’t have that isue

Sounds like some problem in Roon, since HQPlayer doesn’t know whether the source is local or Tidal…

try the settings in the upper right in HQplayer. Be sure time is selected.

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Yup. I had changed HQ Player to time remaining, took me 2 days to figure out what I had done. I came to recommend as you did. Change HQ Player back to time and the progress bar in roon will scroll as expected.

Clark_Mobley, MamaTried… :+1:
That was it…changed it to time, now its working

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