Proper hardware to support 500K+ tracks

Have you taken a test? Do you think that the people who discuss these simple things that deny that the operating system influences, as cables or power supplies do, do not do tests like you do? Do a test. I’m not going to argue with someone who doesn’t test or who does a test and is unable to differentiate sound quality.

I actually did a test. I measured one of my DACs on my desktop, both idle and at high CPU, then on my son’s gaming laptop, both idle and while he was in a game. I did not detect any increase in the THD+N whatsoever. You can see the results here: Bit-Perfect & Digital to Digital Converters - #59 by Marian

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Sound is not just bits, it’s electricity moving from one component to another and another. That’s why so many things are so important. Behind that denial of changes that every audiophile can perceive and that are changes that can be accessed for relatively little money (remember the comment above from another user who claims that, except for speakers, nothing has caused a bigger improvement in his hi-fi system than Fidelizer Pro) behind the denialist comments are the hi-fi manufacturers and store salesmen who are interested that the only way you can think of upgrading your equipment is that you spend thousands of euros on a new one. That’s the best test and the truth of it all. And we wouldn’t be surprised to know who is behind certain nicks on Internet forums. Silence to the trolls and peace and best sound.

I have no idea what you’re talking about. I find it funny though that you want me to believe “the comment above from another user” over my cold hard measurements.

Genuinely what are you going on about? I have had the pleasure of using many a dac some cheap some expensive and there are clearly differences that make this whole game fun.

I have also a bit of a hobby in network set up and after many a switch, cable and router have settled on unifi, here there is no difference what so ever in audio quality I dont expect it and I dont hear it.

Finally I have a great passion for building my own PCs or PIs, or playing with ready built streamers. My pc is over specced as a simple streamer. It has rock on it, a ‘specialist’ usb interface with off board linear power supply etc, got the bits at a bargain price. It sounds no different to a small ‘datto’ pc I had before running roon on a linux arm.

As for a server over in my garage running the core. Well no, obviously that does not ‘sound’ different, and here again I have changed and swapped many a time over the years.

This is my opinion, it is 100% as relevant and as truthful as yours.

Same as mine , no issues at all even 24/192

Thats how I use it.
Roon Core, and my NAS are in one room - and the Hifi is in another.
In my setup I tried also switches (Silent Angel Bonn 8 is currently running).
But there are a lot of people in the world of Hifi, that need some sort of proof (data) to be sure, that something is good or not. They found themselves on Audio Science Review and its all about measuring.
I for myself trust my ears - and as I’m the only one who needs to listen on my setup - I don’t care about THD-H (or whatever this means) and similar stuff.
There is expensive stuff that sound awful, and cheaper things that really help. Anyone should choose what they want and be happy with it.
What I dislike are people who think that only their arguments are correct.
And the main thread here was about, how to run 500k title with roon.

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Have you found servers to ‘sound’ different though?

I described how I found there to be significant differences with dacs, I did not need science or proof to determine that. I have never heard a difference between servers.

The point is we are all happy and various companies have worked out how to extract our money, so all is good in the world.