Protocol between Roon and LINN/Tidal

I have LINN Akurate DSM. I want to purchase ROON to my audio system. Since LINN does not support RAAT, I don’t know if ROON can transmit all the data to DSM without jitter. I know that Roon use OpenHome protocol to be compatible with the LINN product. Can anybody explain for me that OpenHome use UDP or TCP for their protocol. I don’t need multiroom, I want to know if ROON can help to transfer data without losing packet from my source to LINN DSM. Now LINN to user need to change their switch, cable to improve audio quality.

I want to use ROON on my computer to listen to TIDAL and transfer data to Akurate DSM as DAC. What bridges should I use to connect computer to my DSM: Ethernet, HDMI or Toslink/SPDIF?

Why do you think it will loose anything?. You dont need anything other than a computer to run Roons core server. It will see your DSM over the network which is the best way to connect it and send music to it using Linns Protocol OpenHome. There is no loss of packets it uses TCP to transfer its data. You dont need to change switch or cable unless you feel the urge to. Try it,listen make your mind up.