PS Audio LANrover not playing audio

I set up a PS Audio LANrover today. It sends USB audio over Ethernet from my desk to bedside. AmazonHD sees the destination DAC, a Topping D10B, no problem and plays music.

Roon sees the DAC no problem. When I try to play music to the D10B, Roon hangs and skips tracks without playing anything. Sometimes it appears to be playing, i.e., the track payback graphic moves. But no sound comes out of the DAC and its amp.

I switch back to AmazonHD and it plays fine. Any clues how to wake up the Roon audio? I tried all the normal network resets, computer resets and Roon reinstalls.

If you connect the D10B to the Roon Core computer via USB cable, without going through the LANRover, does Roon playback work?

What OS are you using for Roon Core? What driver (if applicable)?

Iirc the lanrover operates over cat 5/6 direct cable link. there is no option to work over tcpip via a normal network setup.

Just confirming this fact in case that’s what you are using. I might be wrong on this tho. Icron do make a unit that does operate over tcpip too iirc

I tried multiple times to get playback over the LANRover last night. Roon couldn’t intialize the DAC. My Roon remote iPhone showed that error. Sometimes the Endpoint would show playback and the DAC would show a change in sample rate like it was receiving, but no sound. Audirvana started playing a few tracks, but lost playback when I tried to select music.

I left AmazonHD playing overnight via the LANRover. It was playing when I fell asleep and still playing whenever I woke enough to listen. Still playing smoothly this morning.

OS 10.14.5 is solid with other DACs from this MacMini.

I have to restart the computer to unlock Roon’s grip on the D10. Then AmazonHD plays fine again.

Roon played a few tracks this morning. Then stopped.

Quitting Roon app on your Mac Mini would probably do the same?

Is your Roon Core Mac Mini hardwired (ethernet cable) to your router? Or connected to your router by a WiFi link?

Roon holds onto the Endpoints after quitting the app and even after reboot sometimes. It’s weird.

This is a WiFi endpoint. I can try wiring the LANRover to a wifi node router. There’s instructions for router-based installation . Haven’t tried yet.

Your Mac Mini is only running as Roon endpoint over WiFi?

Or your Mac Mini is also your Roon Core/Server?

Can you outline how everything is connected in your house.

From router to all your Roon related gear.

It’s a bit confusing trying to follow so far, which makes it hard to help.

The fact that Roon has issues but Amazon Music is fine sounds like a very familiar networking issue. Related to how Roon Core/Server is connected to router.

My Roon Core is a 2011 MacMini hardwired to my Comcast WAN router. WiFi is off on the Core. The Comcast router creates a WiFi network that connects to 2011 and 2014 MacMini as “endpoints.” I have multiple DACs in the house from these Endpoints. All are running fine, except the Topping D10B.

The 2014 MacMini is also running RoonBridge, which seems to help the WiFi shadow it sits in.

Ok thanks, problem isn’t what I had suspected then (Roon Core connected to router over WiFi).

Not sure what is happening here.