PS Audio Nuwave DSD

I believe I was reading the most recent list, or the only list, on the Roon Partner page but I just want to confirm that PS Audio’s (discontinued) NuWave DSD DAC is NOT Roon Tested, Certified, etc?

In other words, this DAC would simply appear as a speaker in Roon and not an actual graphic nor logo?

I’m looking at a used one and was just curious.

That is correct. Last time my Nuwave DSD was connected it was unidentified and not on the list when you try to pair it manually.

Bummer but not a big deal.

From using other non-tested DACs with Roon, there were no issues; I just like the official sense when using a DAC on the partner list.

My Nuwave worked a treat.

It does work, and is identified natively for DSD. But it isn’t officially part of PS Audio’s submission for Roon Tested status.