PS Audio Nuwave DSD

I believe I was reading the most recent list, or the only list, on the Roon Partner page but I just want to confirm that PS Audio’s (discontinued) NuWave DSD DAC is NOT Roon Tested, Certified, etc?

In other words, this DAC would simply appear as a speaker in Roon and not an actual graphic nor logo?

I’m looking at a used one and was just curious.

That is correct. Last time my Nuwave DSD was connected it was unidentified and not on the list when you try to pair it manually.

Bummer but not a big deal.

From using other non-tested DACs with Roon, there were no issues; I just like the official sense when using a DAC on the partner list.

My Nuwave worked a treat.

It does work, and is identified natively for DSD. But it isn’t officially part of PS Audio’s submission for Roon Tested status.

What are the right Roon settings for the Nuwave DSD?

Having problems with DSD settings for this DAC.

If I try setting Roon for Native, I get a high pitched noise. If I choose DSD over PCM, which is supposedly how it does DSD, I get no sound. If I choose PCM, it works, but am I getting DSD? The DSD light does not come on.

Trying to get the best sound out of Roon and this DAC.


My NuWave DSD is in storage during a temporary relo but I recall there being a setting “DSD over PCM” in Roon that I have to use.

Paul at PSA has spoken at length about how there is zero loss when going this route.

Thomas, thanks for the response. That is what I thought, the Nuwave reads DSD over PCM. However, when I choose that option, I get no sound at all.

Is this via USB?

I would send PS Audio an email. Their customer service, in my experience, is comprehensive.

You have to use DSD over PCM and USB input.

Post a screenshot of the Roon signal path.

I think I got it figured out! I needed to set Sample Rate Conversion in DSP:

Then got this:

The DSD light comes on. I am pretty sure the DAC only does DSD128 (2X). What should I set for Sample Rate Conversion Filter and Sigma-Delta Modulator (terms I am pretty sure involve time travel)? Anything else to optimize?


Your settings look good.

Your problem was not about being unable to play DSD resulting in no sound or high pitched noise. Without specifying it clearly, DSD typically means DSD64 as found in SACD. Your problem was about playing a DSD256 file to a DSD128 DAC.

Everything looked right, but still had the no sound or high pitched noise. I reset the DAC and DSP to default settings in Roon and that worked. I am able to play a DSD256 file. It downsamples to the devices DSD 128. Can’t hear a difference, but it plays.

Thanks so much for the help. Much appreciated.

The NuWave DSD is a 256 DAC native. It’s about the limitations of DOP which max out at 128.

If you mean it accepts native DSD256, I can’t find it from the specs nor any forum confirmations.

I’ll dust mine off and confirm Peter.