PS Audio optimal set-up


when i look to the picture below i get worried: firstly the many amount of steps and secondly if i have my equipment properly set-up. Any recommendations to get as pure and unprocessed source into my PS Audio DAC (Bridge II)?

DSP engine is disabled, i did not see the use of it, should it be enabled?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


You can’t get any cleaner than that playing MQA!

Until PS Audio comes out with a new Bridge II update to fix the Bridge II card’s handling of MQA, having it set up as a “Decoder” only is the way to go. So yes, it looks like you have everything setup properly based on what I see in the image.

If you played non-MQA content, that signal path would look cleaner because the “Authentication” and “MQA Decoder” entries would not be there.

Have fun listening to the music!

Cool! Thx!

Now that the new firmware (3.6.2) is out, what would be the best setting? Getting a bit lost in all the terminology…:flushed:

Based on recent experience updating firmware I would advise you to be one version behind unless you are willing to take the risk.

I updated the RedCloud latest version and all the sudden I coul not listen to DSD & MQA files.
PS Audio helped me and I could listen to DSD but not MQA, after some forced upgrades, restores, upgrades, etc with support from PS Audio the Bridge II died. All this took three weeks daily troubleshooting, mail correspondence with PS Audio support, now a new bridge is on the way within additional three weeks, all in all six weeks without Tidal Master listening…

It is a strange that software can harm hardware but this seems to be the case here, similar things has happened with Windows updates so why not with firmware.

I will going forward be less keen on having the lastedt upgrade in my system :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I am reviving this thread because I just purchased a Direct Stream DAC with a Bridge II card. If this is the wrong place for my questions I hope someone @Not_Roon will advise.

Attached is a Roon screen shot of an MQA file played through the Direct Stream. As I understand it, the reference to “MQA Full Decoder” means I am getting the optimal MQA setup currently available through Roon. Is that correct?

If I am mistaken about that can someone advise what settings I would need to change?

To the best of my knowledge I have no DSP setting of any kind as of now. I have selected none so any in place would have been applied automatically by Roon. But my understanding is this is not done when Roon recognizes a new DAC.

Am I correct in understanding that adding DSP settings will interfere with proper (or full) MQA playback? So in other words if I want to use DSP (without interfering with MQA) I would need to reset the device (within the Roon settings) when I play a non-MQA file?

If I should choose to try that, can anyone suggest some initial DSP settings to try with a PS Audio Direct Stream DAC?

Many thanks.

Apologies! I forgot the screen shot. Here it is: