PS Audio PerfectWave SACD Transport

Has anyone spent time with the PS Audio PerfectWave SACD transport?

Thank you in advance.

Check the forums on the PSAudio website

I have one and think it’s great. The thing that attracted me to it was the ability to play the DSD layer of my SACDs through my DSD DAC. In other words: If you have a PSAudio DAC, this feature gives this player an advantage over just about anything else in the market, at least that I know about…for non-technical folks like me who wouldn’t mess with SACD ripping or esoteric approaches, this represents an elegant, plug-and-play approach.

Without a PSAudio DAC, I think you’d be better off finding an Oppo UDP-205 (which sell on Audiogon for comparable prices), since the PSAudio doesn’t play things like Blu-Ray audio, doesn’t have a headphone jack, doesn’t do multichannel, etc.