Ps audio PWD+Bridge2 can"t be find!


I’ve get same problem. PS audio PWD+ Bridge2 can’t be found.

  1. I installed roon and Roon Bridge

  2. Upgrade Ps audio Roon ready 2.9.7+bridge 2.15

  3. I read your knowledge base and community posting.
    But I can’t solved problem.
    Would do you support me?

  4. version of Roon: 1.2(build 157)
    Roon Bridge 1.0(build 34)

  5. OS X El Capitan 10.11.6

  6. my music is stored
    G-Drive with thunderbolt to iMac 22499 track
    G-raid Studio with thunderbolt 19216 track

  7. My network is

  8. Ps Audio PWD Mk2+ Bridge in connect with Airport Capsule

Installed PS audio Firmware

Ps Audio PWD MK2+ Brige2 is connected with ethernet to AirPort Capsule Time

I already checked your posting and Knowledge Base, But not yet solving my problems.
Would do you support me?


The PS Audio needs to be Enabled in Settings>Audio tab. In the screenshot above, you just show Storage.

Can you post a screenshot of Audio?

Cheers, Greg

Thanks your quick response.

I assume you have your Roon Core installed on the iMac. Did you install Roon Bridge on the same computer? If so, Roon Bridge is not necessary on that machine if the Roon software is running. You should quit Roon Bridge or uninstall it.

This may not solve the PS Audio problem. There have been other users with a similar problem connecting with Bridge II.

If restarting your Roon Core and restarting the PS Audio DAC doesn’t help, we can flag @support for help.

Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with this DAC, so while you wait, hopefully other users can try and help.

Cheers, Greg

One thing I noticed from this screenshot is the N/A beside firmware update. Is the Bridge II firmware installed properly?

On the PS Audio website, it shows updating the Bridge software (near the bottom of the page) and there should be a version number showing.

Cheers, Greg

HI Greg.
Thanks much for you interesting my problems

  1. without Roonbridge, I have same problem

    2.Yes, I installed following this process.

and download, and installed Pwd 2.9.y RoodReady.
But I will check it PS Audio.


I checked PS Audio PWD Firmware

Roon can’t find PS Audio PWD.

I don’t see the indication of Bridge II version or the Torrey’s in that image.

shouldn’t it look like this?

perhaps you need to get on the PS Audio forum and get hold of Dennis

It looks like you have a bridge I, which does not support Roon.