Public Playlists

Is there any way to play a public playlist that a Qobuz user published online? (Specifically, the PS Audio Reference Playlist that was shared by them online, along with the Qobuz URL for it).I can’t find info on creating and sharing playlists, but nothing on this matter.

Click on the link to play it in qobuz then add the tracks to your own playlist i would have thought.

If I use the Qobuz app to subscribe (heart) to a public playlist:

It shows up in my Qobuz - My Qobuz section in Roon:

Is that what you mean?

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I finally figured it out after trying possible. I never could get my iPad to bring up the Playlist, bu.t on my Windows 10 computer, I finally got the playlist up. But it sure isn’t easy. Roon needs to make it easier to do this. This is one instance where their instructions suck. Heck, they don’t even exist.