Pulse flex outdoors conundrum

Okay, this one is driving me crazy.

Pulse flex works fine in kitchen, wired Ethernet.
Moving less than a metre to the outside, initially using wired connection to TP link Ethernet over power adapter plugged into a socket in the garden and supplying wireless signal to it as well.
So worked the first day. The second day I’m getting dropout with Roon and Tidal. Factory reset, no difference. iPad wireless plays Roon flawlessly.
Try wireless rather than wired Pulse flex, same issue with dropouts.

Head out and buy a 3m ethernet cable and attach it to Ethernet point in kitchen which works and send it out the window to the flex. Works fine ( this was Saturday). Sunday I set it up for guests, same Ethernet from house and dropouts again. Whenever I move the flex back into the kitchen it works without dropouts.

This has all occurred over about 2 weeks and is driving me nuts. I cannot think of any other variable, can you?

My only possible theory is it is temperature related. That in direct sunlight (in Dublin, Ireland mind you not Dallas) the flex has dropouts?

Anyone have similar issues out of doors or is there something I’m missing.


My squeezebox radio does the same when outside, so feel your pain some times it’s fine others not. I was thinking the same about it overheating. It is an especially hot one this year for a change.

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Yep, thermal problem. I had the same with WiFi/BT spk. Works perfectly fine in da haus, out of doors, when temp was very high: drops, missing signal, indicate but not work in mobile etc etc. We, ofc, nothing read f**ing manual ;-), but on manual you have some information about conditions, i.e temperature, like (-20) (+45/50) C. Yes, when you have sunny exposition, sometimes its near 40-50…

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