Pulse Mini 2i now showing as Roon Ready but unable to group with my KEF LS50W?

Happy to see that the Pulse Mini 2i is now Roon Ready!

However, the Group Zones link is greyed out, so I can’t group my Pulse Mini 2i with with my KEF LS50W.

Any thoughts on what the issue is here?

KEF LS50W are not able to group due to limitation with the implementation. They are not fully Roon Ready.

I use a RPi with Ropieee to feed the KEF so I can group them.

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Thanks for the reply.

Disappointed to hear they’re not fully Roon Ready but sounds like it was quite an effort to get them natively integrated (which works great), and good to know that the RPi option is there if I ever must have grouping option.