Pure Dark Mode Request

I am aware that many applications like chrome, firefox, and even windows have a light/dark mode. For some users the dark mode and its use of a dark grey as the darkest color is fine. For others like myself and many others, the use of a dark grey as the darkest color makes very little use of our OLED devices such as phones / TVs. For this reason I see not just a light/dark but also a ‘pure dark’ theme in various applications becoming more popular.

This thread is to request the same for the windows Roon app to bring it up to date.

When I switch from pure dark windows apps to Roon in its darkest mode, it appears very washed out on such displays and would appear so impressive with the 100% dark and infinite contrast if it had a ‘pure dark’ theme to complement the existing light and dark themes.

Post this in the Feature Request category.


I would love for my iOS and MacOS remotes to be all black.

You have my vote :slight_smile:

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You can’t see a lot when it’s all black :wink:


I applaud you, sir :rofl:


Same goes for Android remotes. Great feature request!

I made a similar post in January and had 3 votes. Bring‘em together and we have 6!