Put play/pause/skip controls on iOS lock screen

I get spoiled being able to skip songs on my phone when I use ARC. Is it technically feasible to get the playback controls on regular Roon as well? I understand that it’s not necessarily playing a song on my phone so maybe iOS doesn’t work like this, but in the immortal words of Slater from Dazed And Confused… “it would be cooler if it did.”

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It does work like that, for me anyway:

Roon playing through Naim Atom:

Roon ARC playing through iPhone speakers:

Weird! Well, that is fantastic. I’ll have to see what the deal is with my settings. There’s about a hundred settings in iOS so I’ll start poking around. Thank you Red_R!

OK, I found where that setting is. I’ll post a screenshot here so others might have an easier time with it. It was in Roon Remote’s settings and it’s a switch you need to turn on marked beta. I probably chickened out when I first saw it. My mistake. It works now and is great!

Ah ok makes sense. I don’t recall turning it on, but probably did at some point. Nevertheless, beta it maybe, I’ve used the Lock Screen controls as long as I can remember and never had an issue. Good luck :+1: