Put Songkick Upcoming Concerts information nearer the top of artist page

Currently when viewing an artist their concerts are displayed below


Albums in My Library

Recommended albums

Key Members

Similar Artists

Performing the Music of

You really have to go looking to find this information whereas I think it should be as near the top as possible as all of the above mentioned artist details are known to be on each artist’s page and we can go and look for them but only a few artists will be playing live locally so a lot of scrolling is required just to confirm there is no local concerts.

Ideally I’d like it at the very top above tracks so It cannot be missed. It is the best way currently to support artists by going to their gigs and I think Roon and its uses are on for fully supporting artists.


I agree, and think it would be better placed under Info above Around the web.

Incidentally, you gonna vote for your #feedback:feature-suggestions.

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