Putting it all together (roon screen on iPad and PJ)

So I tried Roon on a trial and liked it. Now I am completing a home theater installation and want to use it on my projection screen.
I have a server with about 8 GB of music in files that range from FLAC to DSD and all the way up to 24/192. Everything is already tagged with the proper metadata.
I want to be able to pick up my I-pad and have the Roon interface in front of me AND up on my screen.

I have an ethernet port available in my theater and though that a Nucleus hard wired to it, a subscription to the service and my Ipad would be the basic stuff but I’d like to know the way to implement it all if you would be so kind :slight_smile:


Well, it depends on exactly what you want. You can get a Chromecast dongle and have the RoonCore cast a now playing page to the chromecast. This is not the actual Roon software view however.

Or, you could set it up by casting the iPad’s screen, I’m not sure what that entails in the Apple world, but, I know it works with my tablet and Samsung TV.

So there’s no video output on the nucleus that I can send to my processor?
It has to be done wirelessly through Apple-cast or something?

Correct. The Nucleus is a Core and audio endpoint only. No video.